Firstly, let me say thank you for taking the time to read our message.

You will notice the original “broken ocean story” is on the home page. It has purposely been placed  there in the hope that it becomes a permanent reminder of why we all need to do our bit to make sure our collective home, the earth and its oceans are looked after to the best of our ability. I am not a scientist, a politician, an environmentalist, or an activist; I am simply best described  as an open ocean sailor who made some disturbing observations. I am very fortunate to have a benchmark to be able to judge things by, if a person sailed my journey today for the first time and witnessed the same things as I have, I am sure they would just think “well this must be how it is out here” devoid of life for thousands of miles. They would be wrong. Ten years ago at the same time of year on the same compass course the ocean was full of life. Where has it gone? Why is it now like this? What can we do about it? Did we humans even cause it ? These and many more questions I am seeking the answers to I am also asking you to join me on this journey looking for these answers.

The “broken ocean story”for those that do not know went all over the world within a few days of publication, the Newastle Herald alone had in excess of a million website hits. With this sort of response I have been contacted by a very large number of people from all walks of life including many environmental agencies, universities and government lobbyists and schools,from around the world. In addition to contact from organisations I have also had e-mails from hundreds of concerned people expressing there desire to help many venting there frustrations at what they feel is a lack of action by authorities to do something to fix things.